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We are so excited to announce our brand new online courses in partnership with VDanceClub
Come ready to learn the technique and improve your style. Get your perfect footwork and body isolation and master the music from the top.

👉🏽 Learn at your own pace
👉🏽 Unlimited Access
👉🏽 Dance Anywhere, Anytime
👉🏽 Improve Technique
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And much MORE!!


  • Now you can learn/improve your dancing with Layssa & Arthur from anywhere in the world. It is simple and effective.

  • The online coaching is a new and better way to learn/improve your dance skills. Different to regular online classes, the online coaching is 100% personalized, structured progressively to suit your needs all the way from beginners to advanced levels.

  • The online coaching aims to develop the technical pattern of movements of Brazilian zouk in a progressive and periodised way. In addition to the technical part of Brazilian zouk, students can count on accessory exercises (drills), as well as exercises to improve strength, mobility and flexibility. These elements are critical to your development and growth as a dancer. 

  • You must be asking yourself: Do I need a partner to use the Online Coaching? The answer is NO, you DON'T!! You can be coached on your own or with a partner, either way we guarantee its efficacy.

"I wanted to share my experience with Layssa and Arthur's Zouk Online Coaching for anyone who was curious about the course. I have been dancing Zouk as a leader for two and a half years. Lately, my progress has stalled and been unable to reach an intermediate level of proficiency. My first thought about this course is: I regret not starting earlier! Here are the biggest reasons why you owe it to yourself to try ZOC out:


Not everyone has access to professional Zouk instructors in their city. Traveling to festivals for access to artists is an option for some people, but doing so can become expensive very quickly. This course provides personalized instruction from two highly sought after artists, no matter where you are in the world.


I was initially skeptical about whether I could benefit from an online course. The material provided has been extremely useful for helping to drill movements and reinforce muscle memory. I also felt that the personalized feedback from the monthly lessons, analysis videos and skype lesson balanced out the Instagram video coursework very well. With or without a partner, you will be able to improve your dancing ability through this course.


The amount of technical details and corrections that you receive goes beyond what you will get from most private lessons. I have found that even if you take several hours of private lessons at a time, it can be difficult to diagnose and correct underlying issues with your dancing. Afterwards, it's also easy to "lose it" and default back to your original behavior. The coursework really helps to break down the "how" and the "why" of dancing, which helps you to internalize correct techniques.


Layssa and Arthur walk through and annotate videos of your dancing, providing commentary and highlighting things that you may not even realize are wrong. Another added benefit of these videos is that understanding how to spot problems will improve your self-analysis skills. Knowing how to better identify and correct issues on your own will help your growth as a dancer greatly.


I cannot recommend ZOC highly enough! Layssa and Arthur are phenomenal instructors and their coaching is top notch. By enrolling in their course, you gain access to everything needed to take your dancing to a higher level."

- Benjamin (Houston - USA)

We are updating our services. Soon brand new online Courses and much more.

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