How do we teach?

Learning with STRUCTURE

With our 8 week courses you are guaranteed to enjoy and succeed at learning to dance. We have 4 class levels:  Beginners, Fundamentals 1,2 and 3 and Intermediate. To ensure classes run smoothly we recommend that all students pass through each level at least once, or combine two or more classes. Students do much better when they are given a chance to practice and re-practice their fundamentals before progressing onto the next level.

Our rotating syllabus keeps the class material fresh, however, our experienced instructors still maintain the key fundamentals for each level. That means that you will learn a variety of ways to execute a  specific movement/pattern while applying the appropriate techniques learnt at that level.

Your safety is our priority! Dance is fun but it can be dangerous if it is not executed with proper technique. However, technique does not mean boring; with us you learn the proper technique while still having a LOT OF FUN!

 Get ready for the awesome Brasilatino learning experience!

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